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Canvases With Candace: An Artistic Path of Purpose During Trials

May 02, 2020 05:08PM ● By Billy Briggs

Art is not just something you do, it’s your contribution to the world. As an artist, I believe we are charged with having vision. I believe there is an artist within each of us, and it has become my mission to unlock the artist within every creative being that I have the pleasure of working with. During and due to this time of quarantine, minds can become clouded and cluttered with the ever-changing dynamics ruling today’s headlines. One can become more anxious, restless or even begin to show signs of depression. The reality and challenges of social distancing can produce traumatic psychological responses.

At Canvases With Candace, we believe that art is the ultimate healer. We have created new ways to stay connected to our artists by providing home kits. The kits include online instructions and provide a way to practice social distancing without being isolated. We have also implemented private groups with live instruction and interaction. While most are using Zoom to stay connected, Canvases With Candace has chosen to use the Facebook platform due to its level of familiarity and comfort, as most adults maintain an account. This is our way to help those that we serve continue to maintain a sense of normalcy.  

Our CWC@Home kits have actually spawned a whole new idea: the CWC Academy. It is a virtual art school designed for every artistic level. Members can learn, grow and enhance their skills while being connected to an interactive community. Students are enrolling daily into this popular program, which gives them the opportunity to connect and collaborate with the world of home school. This unique collaboration allows our students to learn the styles and structure of the home school segment. Our hope is that Canvases With Candace will become a viable part of your “new normal”—a way to help keep you encouraged with purpose, vision and meaning during this time. We look forward to creating with you! 

For more information (including how to join the CWC@Home community or enroll in the CWC Academy), email [email protected] or visit Also visit

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