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Defining Forks …

Dec 26, 2021 05:17PM ● By Annette Briggs

Happy New Year! Another page in the book of life has turned, revealing a fresh blank sheet on which to write your story. Quick question: How do you feel about the incoming year? Are you optimistic? Let’s approach the topic from a different, somewhat abstract, angle. Bear with me … I’m getting somewhere!

How many times have you driven your car or truck, pedaled your bike, or jogged in an unfamiliar place and came upon a fork in the road? I’m sure the answer to this question is “more than once” for most of us. Let’s be truthful … a fork in the road in an unfamiliar place can give rise to confusion, anxiety and even fear at times. Why is this? Why is it that something so innocuous, in most cases, stirs the mind and emotions in such a way that it can seemingly paralyze an individual in the quicksand of indecision? 

Here’s my answer: I think the main reason is the fear of the unknown fueled by a lack of knowledge (information), poor preparation and an overactive mind gripped by negative thoughts. Think about it, a fork in the road is nothing more than a pivotal point of decision, marked by two possible outcomes. Now, if you’ve driven or jogged the area before and are very familiar with the surroundings, then navigating a fork in the road is a piece of cake. However, if you are approaching uncharted territory, everything changes. In such cases, planning and preparation are the keys to confident decision-making when the time arrives—and it will my friend. You find this to be true especially on long road trips. One should strategically think the entire journey through from beginning to end before embarking on a trip to an unfamiliar location. Critical questions must be asked and answered: “What do I need to take with me? Which route should I take and do I have a map? Do I have enough fuel for the trip? Who’s going with me? Is my spare tire in good condition?” And so on.                          

I think you know where I’m going with this. January 2022 is your proverbial “fork in the road” for the year ahead, in which you will inevitably sojourn into uncharted and unfamiliar places and circumstances that will represent pivotal points of decision. Knowing this to be true, are you ready? Have you thought the journey through from beginning to end? Have you prepared, assessed and answered the critical “pre-trip” questions that will, ultimately, determine your actions, or reactions, when facing the crossroads of life, where decisions have real consequences? The same goes for your health and wellness. Are you “listening” to your body? It requires the same approach. I want you to be wise, confident, informed and, most of all, prepared for what lies ahead. Leave fear behind, and pack faith, focus and optimism for the journey.

In love,

Annette Briggs

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