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A Personal Note from Chef Saa, of Rawtopian Bliss

Aug 07, 2020 08:18PM ● By Annette Briggs
As we move into the new normal, which calls for less public interaction, we have made the difficult decision to go back to being a member-based movement so we can open our doors and dining room to those that have been our longtime, consistent and most loyal Rawtopians. As an important note, the food truck will be available to service the general public.

Unfortunately, the national shut down and social distancing have not allowed us to continue the wellness aspect or our work: the workshops, movie nights and culinary classes. Our goal has never been to simply exchange meals for money, but instead has been to create a community specifically for the local vegan/vegetarian population, which often struggles alone on the path, as well as to offer education in how to naturally be well and balanced.

We are in a time of great change and uncertainty; however, one of the positives has been the surging interest in the vegan lifestyle. This year marks five years that Rawtopian Bliss has served the Midlands community with Supreme Love and Light Vegan Meal Service. We are so thankful to be a part of helping the world become a better place by providing healthier food options while promoting balanced lifestyles to the community that we are honored to serve.

I would also like to thank all our Rawtopians in the Midlands, as well as those that travel far and wide to eat with us. Thank you also for allowing us to take our much-needed break from service during the month of July.  As a wellness ministry, it is crucial that we take care of our own health and wellness as much as we assist our guests with theirs.

We look forward to the wonderful growth ahead of us, as well as our continued work in the Midlands. Stay tuned to our Facebook and Instagram pages for food truck updates. Members will have access to our new website. Eat well, be blessed, and continue to spread the love and stay in the light.

For more information, call founder and director Chef Saa at 803-518-8927. Also visit and 

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