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Sep 30, 2020 09:59AM ● By by Kristi Antley

Now is the time to prepare for the winter months ahead and encourage healthy growth next spring by planning important tree service projects. Trees need care and maintenance, just as humans do; they should be inspected for disease, insect damage and dying limbs; pruned; trimmed; and nourished. Properly cared for trees usually do not lose limbs, snap, die or house termites. And keeping trees healthy can prevent damage to your home and business.  

Jarred Page and his staff at Open Canopy Tree Service are ready to work on your next tree project, and offer the best pricing for your specific needs and budget. Locally owned and operated, no job is too small or too large, as every adjustment can lead to huge improvements. Armed with the necessary equipment, knowledge and experience, Open Canopy Tree Service provides pruning, total removal of trees, branch trimming away from buildings, stump grinding and removal, consultation and tree planting. 

All tree services, including work cleanup, are conducted with precision, safety and efficiency to get the job done in a timely manner. The highest-quality workmanship is guaranteed and delivered time after time. Whether the job is a pruning or a complete removal, the situation is accessed to determine the best and safest way to proceed. Even though it may take more planning and preparation, rigging—where parts of the tree are dismantled with ropes, blocks and pulleys—may be necessary to ensure safety. Here are a few projects that you may be considering:

• Pruning can be beneficial for tree health, training for proper growth, or primarily for aesthetic purposes. The goal of pruning is to remove the dead, dying or undesired branches. This should be done in a way that makes the sealing process less difficult for the tree. The employees of Open Canopy Tree Service do not use “spiking,” but instead utilize a climbing line to ascend and descend. Using spikes on a tree leaves small holes that can allow sap to drip and attract bugs and cause infection. A good time to prune is during the dormant season.

• Tree removal is a dangerous task that is often necessary when a tree is on the edge of falling over and threatening damage to property, family or neighbors. This type of job requires experience and the proper equipment to safely remove a tree from top to root. Open Canopy Tree Service makes this process as smooth as possible by taking into consideration the location, size, variety and overall appearance of the area as well as taking safety precautions so that you have peace of mind. They will even help you pick a replacement tree if desired.

• Stump grinding is typically better than completely removing a stump. Some clients prefer to leave a stump, but do not realize that often new sprouts grow from the stump in an attempt to regenerate.

When in question about a tree problem, or if you find a tree project difficult, contact your well-equipped, knowledgeable and experienced friends at Open Canopy Tree Service. They can handle the situation with professional expertise and excellent customer service. Says Page: “We take into consideration your time, budget and safety!” 

Call 864-559-1123 today for your free inspection and evaluation or email [email protected] Also visit See ad, page 24.

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