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Gardener’s Outpost

Jan 26, 2021 03:48PM ● By by Kristi Antley

Through awareness and education, many people have come to realize the damage our daily lives have on the world around us. Individual responsibility and small behavior changes within our own surroundings are essential to preserve and balance the environment. We are choosing Earth-friendly options more often when it comes to food, exercise, transportation, waste disposal, clothing, energy and personal products, but what about our lawn and garden areas? 

It is time that we stop considering our lawn and gardens as separate, private spaces from the “natural” or “habitat” areas that exist nearby and instead begin to adopt a more sustainable, nurturing approach to caring for these areas. One way to do this is to incorporate a form of agriculture known as polyculture—a technique of growing several plant species together in the same area. This method utilizes available resources, preserves the earth, and bonds humans and the environment together in a mutually beneficial way. The result is less waste, less soil damage, minimal chemicals, and fewer issues with diseases and pests. 

The goal of Gardener’s Outpost—an ecologically conscientious garden center located on Woodrow Street, in Columbia—is to combine the health and natural placement of plants to achieve its customers’ desired outcomes. The center’s knowledgeable staff is eager to share the concept of polyculture with you, along with other ways to promote beauty and functionality naturally, without damaging the environment. Whether it is a tiny kitchen garden or a 1-acre lawn, it can be a full-fledged ecosystem, inviting entertaining wildlife and encouraging healthy vegetation. Not only will you find environmentally friendly tools, plants, genetically modified organism (GMO)-free seeds, compost aids, artistic items, and soil amendments at Gardener’s Outpost, but the center also provides services that will help you naturally maintain an established lawn or garden area, or create a new one. 

The lawn and garden services at Gardener’s Outpost include a wide array—from plant identification and individualized care techniques to full landscape plans and designs. Trained, friendly staff will work with you to define your goals; evaluate the existing area; and make recommendations based on your budget, taste and space. The area will be prepared and cultivated in a way that will not only keep it visually appealing but will ensure the health and vitality of the surrounding plants and wildlife. Gardener's Outpost's electric bike lawn service reduces overall carbon footprint as compared to traditional lawn maintenance. Through the use of battery-powered equipment, less carbon is emitted and noise pollution is reduced, ensuring the smallest disturbance possible. 

The lawn service package includes mowing, edging and weeding two or four times per month; pruning and trimming (as needed); corn gluten application four times per year; and organic fertilizer and mulch application two times per year.

Make your spring outdoor and indoor developments intentional and mindful by using a polycultural gardening approach. This will reflect your compassion and respect for the Earth as well as provide a safe area for wildlife and children to thrive. Visit Gardener’s Outpost to get started!

Gardener’s Outpost is located at 709 Woodrow St., in Columbia. For more information, pricing and package options, call 803-252-0041 or visit See ad, page 8.

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