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The Benefits of IV Hydration Therapy and the Myers’ Cocktail

Apr 28, 2021 02:20PM ● By by Geneva Holiday

Many people are interested in intravenous (IV) hydration therapy, but are curious if there are any risks associated with this practice and what the advantages are when it comes to health. The good news is that there is no risk involved and that there are many benefits to be derived from IV hydration therapy. Let’s take a moment to discuss the value and see who benefits the most from receiving hydration and nutrient supplementation. The greatest impact is improved immune system, greater energy levels, faster absorption of essential nutrients, and healthy weight loss. IV hydration therapy is a safe, fast and effective way to deliver medications, vitamins and other nutrients directly into the bloodstream, thereby providing the body with the nutrition it needs while restoring one's health and well-being.

Many persons due to their jobs are left fatigued and burnt out after a long day of work; others may experience a hangover after celebrating with friends. IV hydration therapy will provide quick restoration of a person’s energy levels and easy recovery from a hangover in no time. One of the most amazing things about IV hydration therapy is that it is completely customized to suit your unique needs, and since it provides the correct mix of vitamins, nutrients and electrolytes, you will experience a more fulfilling life having undergone IV hydration therapy. Essentially, it ensures 100 percent absorption and minimal waste, thereby providing your body with the tools it needs to stay in top form while improving your immunity and mental clarity. IV hydration therapy is highly recommended for athletes that require fast recovery and muscle development. With IV hydration therapy, athletes can compete at the highest level, heal faster, hydrate adequately, and maintain muscle and tissues. Plus, IV hydration therapy replenishes lost electrolytes, so athletes are left revitalized. 

IV hydration therapy also works well for persons with addiction problems. So, whether the problem lies with alcohol, tobacco, opioids or illicit drugs, IV treatments can help those in the recovery process by restoring cognitive function and clarity, detoxifying the body, restoring metabolic function, and repairing neurotransmitters in their brain. IV hydration therapy also supports weight loss, and has been proven to be an effective tool against unhealthy weight by boosting the body’s ability to break down fat and burn calories.

One essential element of IV hydration therapy is the Myers’ Cocktail. This is an infusion of vitamins and nutrients aimed at reducing the symptoms associated with a variety of medical ailments. Created by Dr. John Myers, the Myers’ Cocktail increases the blood concentration of essential vitamins and minerals significantly more than when supplementing orally. Additionally, the Myers’ Cocktail strengthens immunity and fights against frequent colds and flu. It improves memory, fights fibromyalgia (a condition that usually leads to fatigue, memory issues, sleep disorder, and mood change), improves memory, supports bone health, boosts energy levels, helps prevent migraines, and improves mood and the circulatory system. Medical conditions such as acute asthma attacks, migraines, fatigue, fibromyalgia, acute muscle spasms, respiratory tract infections, chronic sinusitis, seasonal allergies and cardiovascular disease tend to respond well to the Myers’ Cocktail. The treatment is administered by inserting a small catheter into a vein, and the infusion is given over a 20- to 30-minute period.

If you suffer from medical ailments that need IV drip therapy, or maybe just want to boost your immune system, you may want to consider a visit to the InvoDrip Vitamin Bar, in West Columbia, where customized IV therapy programs are provided.

Located at 160 Medical Circle, Suite C, InvoDrip Vitamin Bar offers a variety of IV therapy treatments. You can choose to be treated in InvoDrip’s cozy drip lounge or right in the comfort of your home. InvoDrip’s nurses are board certified, experienced, professional and very courteous.

For more information, call 803-830-7212, email [email protected] or visit 

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